wordpress design, hosting, content curation, image sourcing and editing

What do you do when you don’t have media for your website? Sometimes you just haven’t had time to do a photo shoot or you’re working on a project that doesn’t allow for photography. Under those circumstances, there are a few different options to get your wordpress website built and looking beautiful. 

Our favorite option is to draw from Flickr, using the ‘labeled for commercial use search option. Use this link to open up a search page just for this. For the residential listing known as ‘Eagle’s View’ we were able to source dozens of public domain images that we then used throughout the website. A lot of them required editing, but with a little TLC we got them looking great. 

The 5803phantomflight.com website is part of a multi-site install we created for the commercial real estate company Asterra Properties. You can see their website here. It shares content with the parent website, so if you post a blog to one, it pushes through the network as part of a content syndication platform. Multisites are the perfect choice for real estate agents using WordPress. Multisite allows you to build a new single-listing site for every property and to quickly duplicate your existing sites so each new one is much much faster to build.

Please email us if you have questions about getting your agency setup on Multisite.