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Not everyone knows this, but mobile apps need their own websites as well. Crazy, right? In fact, some mobile applications in the iOS and Android apps stores attract more than 90% of their downloads through desktop websites. That means, that even if you’ve built a cool app, you still need a traditional website to market it to the world.

Apparently, that’s where we come in!! We’ve been working with the team at for the past few weeks on the wordpress website that supports their mobile application. The app won’t be released until March or April, but for now, we’re working on getting them Beta users and email subscribers.  The site is built on a Generatepress base with the Elementor page builder. 

In the near future, we’ll be helping Callit to build out their App Store optimization and Reviews strategies – critical components of mobile app marketing. This is a new task for us but something that we’re excited to add to our stable of marketing services.