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Project Scope

We’ve recently completed a project for theicecap.com to produce a WordPress website for their medical devices company. The site is based on Generatepress and designed with Elementor. Future iterations will include product pages with Woocommerce.


The Ice Cap is a medical device designed to help treat the symptoms of concussion and mTBI. We were engaged to produce a WordPress website for the company prior to it’s launch later this year. Checkout theicecap.com to see how Werri Media builds websites for medical devices companies. All our sites (or most of them) are built with WordPress and Woocommerce when we need product pages.


Photography is super important in website design. It’s rare that you can put together an entire website like theicecap.com without taking a single photo yourself, but we did! Photography is easy to find when you know how. The Ice Cap uses photos taken by a community of photographers who license it to us for free. Ask us how…

Use of Space

We’re getting better as using space in our designs and the footer of theicecap.com is a great example of this. Cleaner, simpler and better laid out than much of our previous work. This is something we intend to use more in our future web designs.

Lead Capture

When you haven’t launched your product or business yet, your website design needs to focus on conversions that make sense. On theicecap.com we built everything around registering users for email alerts when the products are released. We’re getting better at working with Elementor’s forms than we used to be and it’s reflected in the design of the “get first access” portions of The Ice Cap’s website.